Please provide urgent assistance...

Today we find ourselves at a defining point in history, with families, individuals and seniors in our community experiencing anxiety and distress over their health, wellbeing and future.

The news is relentless and it is difficult to lift ourselves out of it. Now more than ever, we need to come together as a community to help and support each other.

People like Sue*, one of our elderly Home Care Clients is unable to receive services due to her complicated underlying medical conditions and is unable to leave her home to go shopping.

Sue does not have the internet and cannot shop online. She has relied on members of our Home Care team to purchase and deliver basic groceries and personal items and leave them at her door.

Items that are not covered by government funding, but are being provided by CatholicCare.

We urgently need funds to buy everyday items for the many families, individuals and seniors (like Sue) who are now at home self- isolating, unable to socialise or even get out to the shops.

Please help us to provide support for those most vulnerable in our community who are currently finding themselves struggling in a time of uncertainty.

*name is changed to protect privacy.