David Stefanoff

is Moving for our Mates at Centacare!

I'm raising funds for Centacare!

I’ve decided to Move for my Mates again this year to support Centacare through a new challenge that needs all our help …


I think it is fair to say the last 12 months have been like no other, especially for our mates at Centacare who have a disability. With the threat of COVID stronger than ever before and increased isolation through the longest lockdown we have endured, it has been very hard for some.


Centacare need to upgrade its premises to better suit the needs of people living with a disability. So I’m back on board for the Move for Your Mates challenge to help the centre transform into an inspiring place that will enhance and enrich the lives of the people of Centacare.


Despite my body pleading otherwise I have undertaken to ride my skateboard again every day during October. I have been skating for almost 35 years so need to keep going while I still can.


I’m truly passionate about this cause and I would appreciate any support you could give to my challenge


My Updates

Days 28, 29 & 30 - Exploring

Out exploring again on the last weekend move for your mates! I’ve really enjoyed the motivation behind the fundraiser and am so thankful for all the great people that have supported Centacare in the process. This is a shot I took of damo in the inner west, I had to borrow his board to do the same thing as mine was too small, go figure :o)

Day 26&27 - 37 degrees!!

Day 23, 24 and 25 - sliding into the last week of October!

Day 22 - Click and Collect

Day 21 - Night

A nice long roll on this orange plank to end the day, and I’d forgotten it’s much faster than my normal board!

Days 18, 19 & 20 - Exploring new parks

It’s been great to spend the last few days exploring new places. The new skatepark in glebe was due to open about a week after Sydney entered lockdown. Glebe was outside my 5km so I only made it there today. Such a good spot, and a great way to keep rolling through the week and moving for our mates at Centacare!

Day 17 - Just over half way there!

Day 16 - Back together with friends after lockdown

Day 15 - Context, this is where some of the other clips were filmed

Day 14 - sneaking in before the storm!

Day 12 - Haven't landed this one before!

Day 9 & 10 - Rinse and Repeat

Days - 7 & 8

A couple of fun evenings enjoying the longer daylight saving hours. Feeling good one week in, and very much looking forward to getting back outside my 5, bring it on!

Day 6 - B&W

Day 5 - Are We There Yet?

This was from the day before but it sums up how my knees were feeling today - so I only went out for a quick roll around the neighborhood but was still great to get out!

Days 2, 3 and 4 - long weekend

Day 1 - Bumpy Start

Just bad luck… I went out with my friends Antoine and Hannah for a role at our local spot, all was going well until it wasn’t. Hannah is the best, and was back at it 10 minutes later but all fun soon stopped as the first storm of the season was just around the corner…

Let’s go! Move for your mates 2021 starts now!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dan Lloyd Jones

Nice one Dave


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Richard Melki

Some nice moves


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Alice, Sofia, Jordy + H Dawg

there’s nothing quite like a good click and collect


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Matt And Lisa Taylor

Go you good thing.


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Anthony Hill

Well done David! Keep up the good work


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Julia Smith


Ben Bailey

lets go old legs!


Camille Craig

You've got the moves!


Levi Clarke

Love your work Dave! :)


Sage Clarke

thank you for being so nice to my special sister


Saige Enterprises


Patricia Doyle

Keep up the good work, Dave. Trish


Kevin Doyle

Good luck with the fundraising. Kevin


Alex Macpherson

Good luck mate! Great cause


Brad Down


Maria-eleni Alesandre

Have fun as you venture out from Bondi and beyond Dave. Much Love, SIS XX


Gwenie Sartraccom


Tara Doyle

Love you - good luck xxx


Jim G

go Dave!


Chris S

Go Dave! Stay upright pal.



This is great Dave! Loved the curb clip.


John Etminan

Good work Dawg!


Tim Dellit

I’d like to see a tic tac, crab walk and 360 combo.


Danielle Nicholas

Awesome David.


Vic (mv Ruhfus)

Go skateboarding superstar supporter go - smiling every day




Jaklyn Babington

Nice work Dave! Looking forward to seeing the skate videos.


Jez And Zoe

Love your work Dave. Thanks for being such a kindhearted skateboarding superstar.


Terry Gillespie

“Do a kickflip 🤣” 🔀 🛹


Liz And Hardy

Good luck with this Dave. Well done and take care.


Ali Nasseri

It would be a bigger challenge if you didn’t skate for 30 days. I want to come and take a picture. Love you dude.


Daniel Ilic

Do some sick k*grinds buddy


David Stefanoff