David Stefanoff

is Moving for our Mates at CatholicCare Disability Services!

I'm moving this October to support people with a disability!

I'm challenging myself to move every day throughout October to support my mates at CatholicCare Disability Services who have a disability.

For over 30 years Disability Services has provided training, learning, and social opportunities for people with a disability to help them aquire life and workplace skills and connect socially with their peers.

But, the centre needs ongoing support from the community to continue to provide these enriching services.

Funds raised from my challenge will directly support the participants of CatholicCare Disability Services and help enhance their lives.

Please sponsor me and help bring joy to people who have a disability!

Thank you!

My Updates

2022 wrap up!

Last day!!

Last day, let’s do this!

Thanks again to all the have supported the fundraising effort, your contributions have kept me going even when I’m spending time like in the photo above, which at my age is more than I’d like to mention… if you go back to the first entry below you’ll see the month is finishing not too dissimilar to how it started :)

Second last day!

Needs more slip

Upcycle disused things

No skipping skipping :)

Skipping is both under and overrated (see what I did there…)

Anyone who has tried skipping will know that you start to see bright flashing colours after about 3 minutes, which is your body’s way of telling you to stop! That is fine, but if you’ve undertaken to your sponsors to keep it up, so what to do? Turns out that the only thing to do is to keep going and use this as a way of encouraging more sponsorship! So through this post I’d like to ask anyone who has thought about supporting the campaign to do so now to help reach my personal target of $1,000. Less than a week to go, let’s do this!

Rainy weekend = undercover

Quick after work roll

Day 18 - still skipping…

Half way there!


Sometimes working out doesn’t work out

Day 10: new trick :)

One step forward one step back

I got a little ahead of myself today, I read that having a shorter rope is a little easier to control so took the scissors to mine… only problem was I messed up the measurements and ended up way too short which was apparent after just one jump. Fortunately Tara picked up a new one while she was out. As the saying goes, think twice, cut once, jump many…

Day 8: Break in the rain

Day 3: Curbed

Day 2: Skipping

A bit different this year

Unsure that my body will take 31 days skating in a row, I will mix it up and jump rope every other day, the idea that popped into my head when I thought I could skip every second day… will see if this is any different!

Move for your mates 2022 is on!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Pete Huet

Go Dave!


Kylie Bauer

Love your work Dave!


Richard Melki

Love the skipping on the skateboard


Louise Kuhne

Thanks for moving for our mates:)


Alastair Mcgibbon

Keep skipping David!!



Go Dave



You're a generous soul David


Jane Phillips

Go David! You're amazing! What a great job for a great cause. xx


Mick And Aysha


Margaret Ruhfus

You're supporting ... skating ... skipping ... Dave, keep smiling too. Vic


Liz And Bill Hardy

Well done DAve. Xx



Well done David! Keep up the good work. Anthony


Andrew Kuo


Ella Rose

Awesome work as always!!


Ted Smyth

Nice one Davey.


David Stefanoff