Are you one of those
social butterflies who
love events?

Create your personalised event page and share with your friends and family!

Do you love to cook? Why not host a dinner party or a gourmet BBQ and ask your guests to donate what they think the meal was worth!

Perhaps you’re an artist who loves to create? Produce your own art exhibition and sell your masterpieces!

Here are some thought starters:

Hold a morning tea

Bake some cakes and put on the kettle for a cause.


Have a casual dress day at work

Get your workplace on board to switch up the uniform for a day in the name of charity.


Hold a trivia night

Enjoy fundraising with some friendly quizzical competition.


Put on a show

Have you got a talent to share? Do what you love while raising funds for what you care about.


Have a garage sale

Got old stuff you never use? Turn your trash into treasure for people in need.


Organise a sports day

Show your athletic side with a race to raise the most funds CatholicCare.


Throw a theme party

Dust off your 80’s sweaters and colourful leggings for a themed fundraiser!


Create Your Own!

Do you have your own idea to raise funds for CatholicCare? Do your thing!