Are you an active
outdoorsy type
who loves to
challenge themselves?

Whatever you like to do to challenge yourself, you can create your own personal challenge and start a fundraising page straight away. See below for some challenge ideas!

Or, if you’d rather join other like-minded enthusiasts, you can support CatholicCare by taking part in any of these great organised events in 2019:

Blackmores Running Festival

Sunday 15th September 2019

This popular event takes in some of Sydney’s most iconic landmarks while providing participants the opportunity to cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge and around to the Opera House traffic free.

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If you’re not a runner, why not create your own challenge. Here are some thought starters:

Take a hike

Does nature inspire you? Challenge yourself to an epic hike to raise funds for Sydney families in need.


Set up your own 

If you have flippers for feet, splash your way to fundraising success.


Give up chocolate
(dare we say it)

Can you go without chocolate (or whatever your delicious weakness) for a month? Prove it!


Do your own cycling

Peddle as far as you can for the people you care about.


Cut your hair

Could you sacrifice your hair for those in need?


Grow some hair

How much can you grow to show you care?


Create Your Own!

Do you have your own idea to raise funds for CatholicCare? Do your thing!