Your Gifts of Goodness
help little ones grow

Unfortunately, not all children are born into safe and secure homes.

Children born into poverty, homelessness, and disadvantage need access to vital support to help them grow and thrive.

Send a Gift of Goodness today to help all children and their families to thrive!

Your Gift of Goodness will provide much needed support for people in need, like Hayley.

When young single mum Hayley had her second baby, she was living in one bedroom with her newborn and toddler in an unsafe home. She knew she needed to make changes for herself and her children but she faced many difficulties as she strived to achieve her goals and become independent.

She called CatholicCare for help to secure a safe home, and for help to address her various concerns to emerge stronger.

This is Hayley's story ...

The Gift of Goodness campaign raises vital funds for CatholicCare's HOPE program that directly supports young mums and their babies.